Positivity! Positivity! Positivity! 

At Learning Addicted, we believe positivity is the keyword to self-improvements. We also understand that each of us is unique and we learn at the right moment and with the right method. 

Once you have decided to take your language or dance skills to a new level with us, we will always aim to be your best support through the hardship of mastering.

1-to-1 linguistic tutoring (8 week commitment)

We will provide you with:

- weekly one hour skype call

- solidifying grammar and syntax homework

- surpise tests 

Language conversation classes (8 week commitment)

You will get:

- regular skype calls

- topics to discuss

- Vocabulary build-up

Dance classes (6 or 8 week commitment)

Meanwhile in our dance classes, you will meet people with the same passion for music and love for life. You will work together on group synchronisations and body-mind optimizations in a non-judgemental, joyful and friendly atmosphere to create mesmerizing choregraphies for a live or virtual audience.

Hopefully, in the long term, these language and dance encounters will end up as fantastic and fulfilling  personal or/and professional friendships.

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